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Genix Physical
We are one of the very few agencies in Singapore with physical, full-fledged service centres, providing a suite of services like collection, redemption, distribution and fulfilment point for both business partners and end-consumers alike. We are also strategically located islandwide at Centrepoint, Jurong Bus Interchange, Jubilee Square and Changi City Point.

Key advantages

Redemption services

Programme management and execution of premiums delivered directly to customers, saving customers’ travelling and waiting time at our Centre.

Technical helpdesk

We want you to fully understand the capabilities of your product and gain insights on the possible upgrades you can do. This will help you better your service. With our helpdesk support, you can directly address problems and perform trouble-shooting processes immediately.


  • We handle redemptions of all products from across different industries for both project and long-term basis.
  • Our experienced and professional front-end staff provide excellent customer experience. Staff who are trained and savvy in IT/AV gadgets will be able to advise customers on technical questions related to the products.
  • Robust checks and verification system will ensure that all redemptions are only for products customers are entitled to, saving your company time and effort in managing such potential issues.
  • Efficient storage and warehousing – with an effective management of the supply chain system, you can be assured that your inventory is in good hands