Our well-trained staff strive to represent your brand as best as they can in this instant and virtual interaction. We train them to know your products and services well and ensure a smooth customer engagement to improve customer satisfaction levels, with every chat.

Key advantages

Agent-assisted live chats

We are always on hand to answer customer queries no matter how simple or complex. However, if the customer’s needs are more complex, we will switch to a phone call to give that personal service touch and assurance.

Cost effective and efficient

Using Webchat is efficient and more productive. We are able to engage many customers at the same time using webchat, as compared to one customer at a time over the phone.

Proactive chat support

We constantly monitor how customers use your website and we proactively start an engagement with them, boosting conversions and customer experience. Our system can be programmed to start a conversation with visitors to your website and provide an opportunity to spark a discussion or assistance they may require.