Our services are adaptable to the unique needs of a campaign. We are able to easily implement changes as and when needed to deliver superior outcomes.
There is always room to grow. We envision that your businesses has the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost.
We optimize solutions to achieve goals and turn them into actual possibilities.
Fast, efficient and effective. We get the job done – and more! Our aim is to “work” so that you can get your head in the game and know that someone always has your back.
Dedicated Solutions
Dedicated to making your customers smile
Customer Service
We provide a service that can connect customers to their clients in real time. Our customer care officers are excellent conversationalists equipped with the skill sets needed so that our clients can expect seamless support and fast reacting time.

Email Management
Email communication is an effective way for organizations to respond to questions, resolve issues and guide the customers in detail. At Tele-centre, we ensure that our replies are always consistent, timely, and most of all – meaningful. Careful tracking is done to see the progression of every email, safeguarding that all emails are followed up, escalated and that no query is left unanswered.

For campaigns that need immediate gratification and a faster way of communication, webchat is the way to go! We create a library of the campaign’s desired responses, so that the customers receive prompt and accurate replies. This mode of service guarantees that we attend to multiple visitors at once in order to minimize and eliminate customer dissonance.
Database Profiling
Let us be the helping hand so that you can get to know your customers even better! Under this practice, we assist to help maintain databases in order to distinguish your customers’ demographic and psychographic profiles. With this, our clients can properly identify their target audience and ensure that their services are well met.
Lead Generation
Tele-centre recognizes the need of market expansion. We aim to stimulate and capture the interest of your potential business partners in order to open a pool of opportunities at your doorstep. Through intensive telesales phone calls, we deliver a way to get your product heard through the noise and build lasting relationships with your clientele.
Personnel Insourcing
Tele-centre offers an on-site service wherein teams can be deployed at your work locations. With a solid foundation of expertise, you need only transfer the product knowledge to our capable teams and you can expect a seamless work flow with minimal supervision. With this, you can save both time and resources and focus on bigger and better tasks.
Technical Helpdesk
We want you to fully understand the capabilities of your product and gain insight on the possible upgrades you can do to better your service. With our helpdesk support, you can directly address troubleshooting problems and the like efficiently.
Virtual Reception Services
Our team of friendly and professional virtual receptionists are at your service to deliver great experiences with every call – inspiring trust, building customer loyalty and creating word of mouth buzz that will help to grow your business.
Premise Outsourcing
Tele-centre has a ready and full fledge contact centre that you can immediately leverage on.