our culture
At Tele-centre we have successfully nurtured an open and friendly work culture that recognises and rewards talent. It is our culture that has made us what we are today and helped us to add enormous value to our clients’ businesses. All our teammates embrace this uniquely ‘Tele-centre’ values and ways of doing things. This gives us an identity that goes beyond mundane measures of success.
Some of the foundational principles behind our success are:
We encourage collaboration for innovation. We involve and encourage our team members to participate in decision making.
We always encourage initiative and demand risk taking from our employees. These are the qualities that help us build a series of leader in our teams. Our teams organise themselves around important projects and tasks.
We have always embraced technology as a winning strategy in our business. With our home-grown, state-of-the-art contact centre technology we are way ahead of competition on the technology curve.
Work Environment
We take pride in the fact that we at Tele-centre look forward to work every morning. This is perhaps because we have made Tele-centre a stimulating place to work. We encourage high-performance in every employee by doing it the fun way. We ensure that all our teammates have an excellent work-life balance. Our work culture is an embodiment of high-integrity business practices in an industry that is fiercely competitive.

We are also known for the training inputs we continuously invest in our employees. Some of our employees have left us to become successful leaders in other renowned contact centres. Yet they all cherish the time they spent with us with fondness. This is perhaps the reason why we attract highly talented people to Tele-centre.
living our values
We work with integrity
At Tele-centre we are obsessed with delivering results. However, to us, the means to achieve our goals as are important as the goals themselves. We take a close look at how we deliver results to you rather than just delivering results anyhow. We strive to lead by example in our market by following integrity as a guiding principle for our decisions and actions. We are exacting when it comes to ensuring financial and legal compliance.
join us
We welcome you to be a part of our team. Our business is growing exponentially and we are eager to receive you in our midst if you are a talented individual keen to build a career with us. We assure you of a highly rewarding career experience.

If you enjoy connecting with people, passionate about customer services and love to strive for excellence, we like to hear from you!
Why Join Us?
At Tele-centre, we celebrate every achievement of our employees as we care and have your success in mind!