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our value
The art of taking care of your customers
Over the last decade, we have perfected the art of striking the right chord with your customers. Our approach can be summed up in two simple words ‘iCARE’. We uphold values such as:
We are continuously on the lookout to deviate from the path of mainstream technology and practices an upwards trajectory on presenting unique ideas that can change the way people think about customer service.
The Company thrives in exploring the endless potential of its most valuable asset – our people. At Tele-centre, we believe in the concept of the “diamond in the rough” and that through careful training and continuous encouragement, we can cultivate our team as champions.
There is never a mountain too high or a river too low to scale for us. Our team is comprised of positive, bright, and eager individuals who help to take on the toughest assignments together.
We take personal pride in our work. Accompanying every campaign is the willingness to ensure that not only does the job get done – but that we deliver it at the best that it can be. The team knows the extent of the importance of their work and what they bring to the table is not only a representation of the Tele-centre, but also of themselves as individuals.
Tele-centre works as a whole to establish a more personal connection between a brand and its people. We aim to supply, improve and exceed excellent customer service.
team members
"Teamwork makes the Dream work!"
We wake up in the morning not sluggishly waiting for our daily cup of coffee and wondering how it can pull us through a nine to five agenda. We wake up with the optimistic thought that today is another day to better ourselves and is another opportunity to maximize our skills to its fullest.

Instilling a positive approach in our team, our “can do!” attitude boosts employee morale and imparts healthy competition – ensuring that there is never a boring day in the office!

With the belief in the rockstar within, we recognize each other’s unique set of skills and abilities. The work environment is that of like-mindedness that helps to propel the team as One - knowing that you are never alone and that everyone is working to reach the same goal.
our approach
We want to be that sprinkle of magic that makes your company image extra special. We indulge in your continuous patronage and know that we are an extension of your organization. The company goes above and beyond to improve customer interfacing so that you triumphantly emerge as a Winner in the business field.

A call centre is first and foremost – a people oriented place. More than just a phone call, we are always reminded that our customers are real people and that our approach must be prompt, tangible and understanding.

We strive to safeguard your company profitability. As part of your team, we place our business partners first and work to achieve stakeholder satisfaction, enhanced company reputation and high customer retention.
We let our work do the talking!
More than celebrating our everyday victories, we are a highly competitive bunch who are eager to substantiate our worth. There is nothing more rewarding than pushing ourselves to the limits and adding to the Company’s numerous success stories.
High customer and client satisfaction
We have a dedicated team who are committed to studying and analysing our service excellence standard. Through frequent monitoring and skill upgrades, we have seamlessly achieved consistently excellent customer satisfaction scores. Moreover, we have maintained profitable and long - term campaigns with our very own clients who are high likely to recommend us to their business partners.
High employee satisfaction
In Tele-centre, we work hard and play hard as well! There are multiple events planned all year round to ensure that work is a place to look forward to. We dress up for festivities, have cozy tea receptions, celebrate camaraderie through team dinners and even sneak in monthly treats whenever we can. This is achieved through our various channels of feedback and review. Regular training opportunities are conducted so that everyone is well equipped with the skill set that they need to seize the day. We ensure that there is not only joy but also fulfilment in work.
Awards and Certificates
  • ISO 22301: 2012 accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council
  • ISO 9001: 2015 accredited by Singapore Accreditation Councils
  • Bizsafe Level 3 certified by Workspace Safety and Health Council
  • Best IT Infrastructure Support Specialist (Silver) for 2017 awarded by the Contact Centre Association of Singapore
  • Best Contact Centre Manager Under 20 Seats (Silver) for 2018 awarded by the Contact Centre Association of Singapore
  • Best Contact Centre Manager Between 20 to 100 Seats (Silver) for 2019 awarded by the Contact Centre Association of Singapore
  • Best Outsourced Contact Centre (Bronze) for 2019 awarded by the Contact Centre Association of Singapore